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Viche 2011 №21

№21, 2011

Active audience, interesting guests!

Recently there was an opportunity to make sure once again that journalists who write their own texts for publication, in order to master the live broadcast, that is to retrain into radio host or TV presenter, still need at least couple of minutes. To put the voice, and to form an opinion, to continue it logically, tighten the storyline on the go, grab the listener, causing it to frank conversation. Thanks to the presenter of "Coffee shop" of the channel "Culture" at the Ukrainian radio Tatiana Kovalchuk. She so skillfully directed our conversation that we together with designer Olga Prokopchuk, trying to bring information about the benefits of "Viche" to the listeners while staying within the allotted time of the program, managed to say the most important things to our potential readers.

Svitlana Pysarenko