Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

Statistics, calculation, audit: only the truth is good

July - the period of entrance examinations.Universities and academies, institutes and colleges are preparing to meet the school leavers.Taking into account the influence of demographic crisis not all of them will be comforted by an excessive attention of school leavers.The market rule is becoming apparent in this situation: educational offers will meet the demand.Less noisy will be in separate institutes of higher education.

The calmness does not threaten the State academy of statistics, calculation and audit.Its history counts only two decades.Twenty not very favourable years for the development of education and science.Nevertheless just during this period an educational institution under control of Ivan Pylypenko (in the photo) who is heading it for 18 years, passed a way from the Institute of increasing of a qualifying level of heads of State statistics bodies of the former USSR to the academy in which now study more than 12 thousand students and more than 100 candidates.It is a unique experience because the majority of educational institutions of increasing of a qualifying level, widespread in the former USSR, nowadays have dissapeared without leaving a trace.At the same time the academy is developing: belongs to the system of State committee of statistics, works on the increasing of a qualifying level of statisticians, prepares bachelors, specialists and masters of conomic disciplines.A close connection of the educational process to practice defines the value of the diploma received here.For the space of 15 years the academy, which is the State institute of higher education doesn't take any money from the State budget.This experience - the answer to a question: can education develop without the State financing?

Problems of a present-day educational and scientific activity of the educational institution and the perspectives of its development we discuss with the the rector of State academy of statistics, calculation and audit, Doctor of economics, professor, honoured economist of Ukraine, president of public accountants union of Ukraine, member of Audit chamber of Ukraine, member of the Academy of Economical Sciences of Ukraine Ivan PYLYPENKO.

Photo: The educational process and building go simultaneously in the State academy of statistics, calculation and audit