Viche 2011 20

20, 2011

Studies of globalization and futurology: conceptualization of notions

Scale of changes in the society, intensification of intercultural connections, destruction of national limits, appearance of international economic corporations, distribution of standard in the whole world - these and similar to them processes began to be called the processes globalizations.
Concept studies of globalization was introduced by the greatest Polish writer and thinker Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) in his work Planet Earth. XXI century published in 1992. It was he by whom the methodology of supranational settlement of modern world problems was called the studies of globalization. These problems compel (require) to comprehend in a new light the mutual relations of the West and East, country-leaders and developing countries. According to Lem, the necessity in the development of the studies of globalization is connected with a threat of the existence of humanity (either we will survive by joint efforts or nobody will survive).