Viche 2006 13

13, 2006

Nations dont die off infarction, at first their language is taken away

Reflections round obscure bilingual speakers

Language - is the method of personal identification in the historical space and in the metasocial area that reflects the state of genetic information in a human being and at the level of nation (social phylogenesis). The phenomenon of language in the third millennium exceeded the bounds of especially linguistic knowledge. It functions as a creator of a nation: the persons socialization takes place in the atmosphere (in the aura) of a national language. On this account most of researchers give a linguistic component in the determination of a nation, and the language occupies a highly important place in the hierarchy of attributes of a nation - next to the national consciousness, the display and the element of which is the attitude toward a language.

The LawAbout languages in the Ukrainian SSR accepted in 1989 year initiated the concrete actions directed on the development of a native word. And the long-term and designed for decades program concerning the development of Ukrainian language was accepted the next year. In 1997 a document was concretized by the Complex actions concerning the comprehensive development and functioning of the Ukrainian language. Since then various structures (such as the State Committee of Ukraine on business of nationalities and migration, the Board of questions of language policy in view of the President of Ukraine, the language department in view of the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers) have been established and liquidated in the sphere of humanitarian policy, they functioned more or less effectively, but none of them reported on the results of their work.
So the linguistic sphere of our state still functions according to the orders accepted in the Ukrainian SSR. 15 bills registered in the Verkhovna Rada are dedicated to the solving of the neglected problem. They can be divided into two main groups: those that simply classify the Ukrainian language as the state one, and those that provide for the introduction of bilingual or polyglot states or stand up for the use of the Russian language as the official one.
Sooner or later the national deputies will again revert to the consideration of the question that recently made the entire country anxious. Its quit possible that the new bills will appear soon. It is difficult today to foretell which of them will be accepted.
Today there are still no such branches in Ukrainian linguistics, as neurolinguistics , psycholinguistics, ethnopsycholinguistics, philosophy of language and others like that at the level of scientific schools. In this way Europeans leave us behind for at least 50 years. Presently the majority of research workers aspire to work competently with sociolinguistics. And it could be good, if not the fact that the specialists who aim to work with sociolinguistics do not absolutely possess the basic knowledge of language, society and sociolinguistics itself. The only one thing they can do is to write the claim articles. And all this is just for the sake of corroboration of cynicism of some political forces.

head of the National board of questions of culture
and spirituality in the view of the President of Ukraine,
member of the NAS of Ukraine

The Ministry of the questions of language and informational policy are needed to be established

Dmytro Drozdovskyi