Viche 2006 13

13, 2006

Justice can always be found for a self-will

The Verkhovna Rada can assume the right to dissolve the local boards

The realization of right can not begin with lawlessness. But that is what the local boards did when took a decision to grant a status of regional to the Russian language. Neither court decisions, where the unlawfulness of such acts is pointed out, nor public prosecutors protests made the local legislators come to senses. Fathers reproaches made by Mr. President didnt suggest legal nihilists. It looks as if all ways of Themis lead to the Verkhovna Rada.

From the agreement:
2.2 Reform of public administration

In connection with the offered amendments to the Constitution it is necessary to pass the following Laws of Ukraine by a specified date:
- About territorial structure of Ukraine;
- About local state administrations (new edition);
- About local self-government of a community;
- About local self-government of a district;
- About local self-government of a region;
- About the service in the local authority (new edition).
The bill About alterations to the Law of Ukraine About local self-government (concerning the procedure of setting the extra elections) given by the national deputies Mykhaylo Pozhyvanov and Stepan Davymuka is registered in the Verkhovna Rada under existing conditions of aggravation of relations between the central and regional organs of power, partial strength of the Constitutional Court, absence of the effective mechanism of realization of court decisions and factual inactivity of the President as the guarantor of the Constitution. It is the draftsmens opinion that the acquiring by the Verkhovna Rada the right to dismiss the local boards, which committed a substantial violation of laws, can provide the realization of the principle of legality - the head stone of the legal state.