Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

I had to postpone publicism, hunting and billiards for certain time I shall come back to these hobbies when I feel the moral right to it ",

- says a three times deputy and twice the Head of parliament of the Autonomous Republic Crimea Anatoliy Hrycenko

A hot Crimean summer has started for peninsula's politiciansans and for Anatoliy Hrycenko himself with a fervent events on all "fronts": the formation of the Party of regions coalition with deputies from a party "Soyuz"(union), Communist Party, the Nataliya Vitrenko's block "Narodna opozyciya " (National opposition) and the block "Ne Tak!"; the conflict with the President's representative in Crimea Hennadiy Moskal' who has promised to revive criminal cases of some deputies; protest actions against exercises "Sea-breeze-2006"; endless fights for Crimean lands...Viewpoints of the Head of theVerkhovna Rada of the ARC Anatoliy Hrycenko.

To subdue the ambitions

To put an end to political whims

To make the balance of State's interests and territorial communities