Журнал Viche 2011 №17

№17, 2011

Constitutional Justice Competence Doctrine in Ukraine: plenitude and effectiveness

Practical importance of the constitutional justice doctrine becomes quite illustrative during the application of criterion of plenitude and effectiveness of the competence which is determined by the legislator in status of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. However, can the doctrine of the constitutional justice be perceived without the determination of the competence which is the basis of all activity of the CC, an integrated institute during realization of the constitutional control over norms, determining for the unique organ of constitutional jurisdiction and the element of its status?
The urgent problem is a doctrine comprehension of the competence in detailed elaboration of plenary powers of the Constitutional Court which gives a right to conduct in full the subject of consideration of constitutionalization of right, especially, when the official interpretation of norms of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine is given.