Viche 2011 15

15, 2011

About 20 steps of freedom and other independencies

20 years of independence is insignificant term, especially at a national scale, but its enough to look back and muse of the results of the activity (or inactivity) of those who stood at the helm and build a new independent society. 20 years is a period when a new generation of contemporaries of independence who no longer remembers what had been when we became us. The course of our country towards brighter future is changing and contradictory, but the history of origins of other independencies shows that the 20-years period of independence is often accompanied with a change of its course, disappointments in the ideas which everyone stood up for in their own squares, and search of new ideals. But this is the time without which no nation would become what it is today, and which we take as an example or condemn. That is why the analysis of their experience may be useful for Ukraine.

The USA July 4, 1776 1796

France July 14, 1789 1809

Mexico September 16, 1820 1840

Finland December 6, 1917 1937

Turkey October 29, 1923 1943

The Republic of South Africa May 31, 1961 1981

Lithuania March 11, 1990 2010