Viche 2011 15

15, 2011

Stupkas axioms

Augusts 70-year anniversary of Bohdan Sylvestrovych Stupka came suddenly for all of us. This figure posses prematurity, no charity, even incredulity.
A lightning change of age status in the opinion of outside observers it happens with the most favorite idols. They are like native creatures constantly before our eyes. It seems that the years they do not threaten them. In color imagination that fixed the screen and stage pictures these gods never grow older.
It concerns directly an infinitely dear out of the gods Bohdan Stupka. His Orest in White Bird with Black Mark during four decades is an image-constant for several generations. However the given generalized idolatry formulas are far from Stupka. He does not fit in one row with someone. In order to prove it let us go to axioms- statements that shouldnt be proved.