Viche 2011 15

15, 2011

Serhiy DUNAYEV: The policy of any mayor is his business activity

When a few years ago a young businessman Serhiy Dunaev announced his intention to run for a post of the Mayor of Lysychansk, there were few people who believed in his desire to revive the former glory of the industrial giant of the Luhansk region. However, a newly elected Mayor Dunayev successfully coped with the set up task. And during the next election he had the support of over 60 per cent of residents again. Today the city of Lysychansk got positive responds at all levels and its head is known even to those people who never visited the Donbas. On his initiative almost for the first time since Ukraine has become independent the memorial in honor of those who were killed in the Great Patriotic War was built.
About the city life, the problems and prospects of Lysychansk our conversation goes with the Mayor Serhiy DUNAYEV.