Viche 2011 15

15, 2011

Atlas of independent charms

Its not enough to be inflamed by review of tourism sites that have emerged on the map of Ukraine during the era of independence. By this time hesitation should come: by what criteria to choose the most interesting sites? What is a priority a public importance or an attractive extravagance that is not very relevant in times of stagnation? And finally on how many objects one should focus his attention because generally there a lots of them. You may withdraw an artificial equation: 20 years - 20 places worthy of interest. But there are more than two dozen of regions in the state. Although it is not the fact that each of them can boast with fresh tourist chip ... So thinking, we simply draw the conclusion we should be guided exclusively by the principle of taste subjectivism - let us call it so. So no with claims on the role of the ultimate truth we make up a unique guide out of what happened to the soul.