Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

On the joint of rivers Dnieper, Chayka and Konka inflows Zaporozhya cossacks settled on...

It was in the end of XV century. Grove Hole (naked) - so they called it -met the requirements of that times: it was convenient to hide from Tatars, the main channel of Dnieper Starytsja is close, and a halfway - salt-mines in Prognoi (nowadays village Heroys'ke (Heroic). And they had all necessary for their livelihood - a lot of fish and game. In the course of time the Grove Hole has turned into Naked Pereviz (ferry) on which the goods were accumulated (mainly salt, fish, game), and were ferried over the right bank of Dnieper.Here they started to repair cossack "duby" and "chayky" ("oaks" and "seagulls") that has again caused the renaming of settlement - Hola Prysatn' (naked quay).

Anatoliy HRABKO