Журнал Viche 2011 №14

№14, 2011

Scientific discovery in social and humanitarian sciences and jurisprudence: theoretical and applied problems

At the beginning of the XXI century science, new technologies and achievements have become a basis for community development in most world countries. In actual fact, in the modern world the sciences are conditionally divided into fundamental ones, which are directed on discovering of conformities to law and laws of development of nature which exist in objective reality, and applied ones, which are oriented foremost on the settlement of concrete utilitarian task, as a rule, related to the stimulation of positive and overcoming of negative (crisis) processes and phenomena. For this reason in article1 of the Law of Ukraine “On scientific and scientific - technical activity” there are such definitions: 1) fundamental scientific researches are scientific and theoretical and (or) experimental activity directed on the acquisition of new knowledge about conformities to law of development of nature, society, person and their intercommunication; 2) the applied scientific researches are scientific and scientific - technical activity directed on the acquisition and use of knowledge for practical purposes.