Журнал Viche 2011 №14

№14, 2011

Activity of the Security Service of Ukraine and social rights: scientific and theoretical aspect

Development of Ukraine as a democratic social and legal state is indissolubly connected with the reforms directed on providing of rights and freedoms of a person in all spheres of social life. Protection of such values must be the main duty of a state. In this context social rights, which make the aggregate of social guarantees and standards on the basis of which the level of life of the society is determined, acquire a special significance. This mostly refers to the most important spheres of human life which are work and creative activity, education, culture, health protection, social protection and social welfare, etc. We would like to notice that basic social rights and freedoms of a person and citizen in Ukraine come to the possibility to own, to use and manage certain public weal and services which are rendered by the society and state [3, p. 11].