Журнал Viche 2011 №13

№13, 2011

Law as Social and Cultural Phenomenon

In national and foreign social and humanitarian literature law is considered in the social context as an inevitable element of human culture which has various forms of display in it.

In an axiological dimension it comes forward as a strictly defined form of legal values, as a specific form of legal necessity which differs from all other (moral, religious) forms of necessity and valued forms [11, p.137]. And taking into account the approach of judicial axiology, it is reasonable to consider the law as one of phenomena of the social and cultural world. Its value features are predefined by the nature of this specific phenomenon, by its significance as a special form of public relations, by its place and role in social and cultural system of society. Finally, the criterion of the importance of law is a personality who develops. The law is valued in sense that it directly or indirectly contributes to the self-realization and self-creation of a person in the history.

Anatoliy PAVKO