Viche 2006 13

13, 2006

100 miles down fair wind!

July, 2 - is the Day of workers of marine and inland water transport

The first volley of cannon! 62 yachts from Mykolayiv, Odessa, Kherson at the command straighten their spinnakers in a moment! This momentous and bright event is fixed by journalists, photographers, operators from the TV channels and judges from three natatorial ships that easily manoeuvre between yachts. From the sky the special camera team that placed cameras on the board of helicopter watches after the start.

From the agreement
1.7. Clean and safe environment

Ukraine needs to perfect its national ecological policy. Its effective introduction will provide the constitutional rights of citizens to a safe environment. The Coalition participants are obligated for this purpose:
to activate the policy of preservation and protection of natural heritage and also to begin the process of revival of natural landscapes.
Oleh Derkach, the chief of the South branch of the Institute of ecology (Mykolayiv) tells:

With the framework of ecological regatta we conduct the action Stop: here is an orchid field! Pokrovske orchid field on Kinburnskyi spit is a unique phenomenon, it can be compared unless with the valley of narcissuses in the Carpathians. Total area of the field is 30 hectares.
5 types of orchids grow there (closeness is 40 individuals on a square meter, and in some places - up to 100 individuals). By this action we try to attract publics attention to the important problem: by this year an orchid field can disappear in the result of building or transferring it into a private property. And it has high nature-conservative status and it is located on the territory of the reserve - the regional landscape park Kinburnska spit, on the protective seaside of the Black sea, within the bounds of water-marsh land of international value - Yahorlytska bay.
We are obliged to preserve this unique phenomenon for future generations. We have a chance. Legislation is with us. Not many of us in our time could violate the law. The decision of the fate of these acres is in jurisdiction of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers. It is impossible to manage a household on this earth, as in fact there are seaside meadows and salt acres. I think the land for the farmers can be chosen in other places more suitable for this purpose, and such land can be found there. In actual fact those who wish to privatize these territories arent attracted by a unique orchid field, but by the sea nearness and the prospect to build there recreation departments and so on. We are not against the organized rest; actually, the management of park welcomes it. But it asks to keep to the standards of environmental protection.

The thirteenth ecological regatta was conducted by the Mykolayiv regional federation of sailing sport, by the National University of shipbuilding and the South branch of the Institute of ecology of the NEZ of Ukraine with the assistance of the Mykolayiv regional yacht-club, regional landscape park Kinburnska spit and the Black sea biosphere reserve. Its preparation and conducting occurred with patronage of Oleksandr Sadykov, the head of Mykolayiv regional state administration.