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Viche 2011 13

13, 2011

The Sea Loves Strong Ones

This Saturday morning the weather was favourable as in summer: the sun was shining and slightly reflecting in the blue of the sea. Gulls welcomed participants and spectators with their bubbling, first flying up in clouds and then gliding over the smooth surface of the bay.
This was the start of regular annual striking competition of sailing-vessels devoted to the professional holiday of journalists of Ukraine.

The fourth year running on Journalist Day the traditional regatta-rally of cruiser yachts Sea Feather takes place in Sevastopol. And already for two years the magazine of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Viche has actively participated in it. We compete with our colleagues from different editorial offices of the Crimea, other regions of Ukraine and Russia. Last year victory made us either to keep the attained height or to reach other heights this year.

As it was before the competition Sea Feather-2011 in Sevastopol was organized by the Sevastopol Sailing-Vessel Federation (SSVF) and the Sevastopol independent media trade union Reporter.