Журнал Viche 2011 №13

№13, 2011

Workshop on the Paintbrush Edge

Andriy Chebykin is like Poseidon. The thing is not only in the likeness of appearance. Like a mythical possessor of seas, well-known graphic artist and head of two academies Andriy Chebykin flies on his invisible chariot throughout the gales of society, simultaneously taming the waves, balancing between ebbs and flows of his uneasy significant public life.
He is imbued with the problems of everybody and everything. He ignores ill-wishers. And he paints.
He takes out of wheels the sticks stuck by envious people. He defends justice. And he paints.
He lives according to the strict schedule. And he paints.
He brings up artistic youth. He values the respect of students and colleagues. And he paints.
He gets excited with the story about creative laboratory. And he paints.
He would rather put on armour and immerse himself exceptionally in art. But not so. Combining different talents of artist and administrator, he does not imagine himself without any part of his relief life, without any crest of wave, without any conquered peak. And he has a lot of them.
We speak about them, but not exclusively, with Andriy Chebykin in his anniversary year. (We would like to remind that in April the well-known artist celebrated his 65th anniversary).