Журнал Viche 2011 №11

№11, 2011

People and Dogs

The fact that a dog is a friend of a man was proved long ago. A dog devotes oneself to us and executes various functions: guards a cattle on pastures, farmsteads and apartments, takes part in military operations, helps during sanitary and searching arrangements, comes to the rescue when people are in water, serves as a blind man’s leader, makes children happy by its presence and rescues single people from loneliness. That is why we love dogs, domestic ones, actually.
And what kind of love do we give to homeless dogs which we daily see alone and in packs in the courts of multistoried buildings and new buildings, in the transitions of subway, at the places of retail business and even at the main gate of the capital – railway station, etc.? Do we take care of them with similar love as well?