Viche 2011 11

11, 2011

Ukrainian Idea: Historical-State and Artistic-Spiritual Measurement

Since the foundation of Kyiv and till nowadays we can trace a sequence, succession or, as it is said presently, survivance of cultural traditions, artistic tastes, aesthetic and ethic genetic code of artists, especially of those whose creations (or mentions about them) have been saved till nowadays, those who have already for more than thousand years from the IX till the XXI century operated in the state known since the ancient times as Rus-Ukraine, fighting for its independence (in Prince and Cossack ages and at the newest times...). Even if criteria of these aesthetical and ethic principles and tastes of our contemporaries are not that clear, as if washed out by world influences, but they are traced presently in the culture. We confidently determine them in the album which the publishing house Krynytsya now has a happy chance to present: Prosperity of Independent Ukraine. Artists of Kyiv. Ukrainian Fine Art of 19912011 years. Painting. Graphic Arts. Sculpture (Author-manager V.L. Andriyevska).