Viche 2011 9

9, 2011

Unification of the World is a Bitter Opportunity for the International Support

Today all we understand that the resources required to overcome the after-affects of the disaster of such a scale spread far beyond economical and technological potential of any separate country, and, obviously, require joint efforts of the world society. The summaries of this conference showed the urge of the international community towards deepening of interaction and cooperation to overcome the technological disaster after-effects, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych marked when the Chornobyl Donor Conference in the partnership with the Group of Eight finished. This conference has possibly become the most important stage among the events which were realized within the frames of the International Scientific and Practical Conference Twenty Five Years After Chornobyl Disaster. Safety for the Future which took place on 19-22 April 2011 in Kyiv.