Viche 2011 9

9, 2011

A Feat of a Messenger

Recently my mother has shown me a clipping from the district newspaper that was yellowed with the time. Some information about the heroic partisan act was printed there. It was kept in the family of grandparents. Unfortunately, now they are no longer with us.
Here is the message taken from the Korostyshiv Pravda dated May 8, 1947 (the original spelling is left. Ed.).

Being involved with the partisan group, the teacher Appolinariy Veselovskyi happily lived and did all he could to help the partisan group, where he worked as a messenger. Not once Veselovskyi, with cheerful assurance in his work, was going to the wide road and walking with a large package of letters to the village Kharytonivka. Had managed with his task with honuor, he courageously returned home.

After the war Appolinariy Veselovskyi was awarded with the Medal for Bravery for this feat. And there is still Veselovka village in the Zhytomyr region. Who knows, maybe, it has its name in honor of Veselovskyis feat?