Viche 2011 9

9, 2011

The Venice Commission Welcomes the Ground for Discussion and Opposes the Politicization of Language Issue

Making a step on a path of constitutional and legal reforms at the end of 2010, radically changing the key mechanisms of their preparation, Ukraine addressed the Venice Commission to receive an appropriate expert opinion. So, 86th plenary session of the Commission (25-26 March 2011) could not help discussing Ukrainian problems of the agenda. We asked to analyze the specific expertise that was provided by the Venice Commission the Member of this institution, the representative from Ukraine, Councilor of the President of Ukraine - Head of the Department of constitutional and legal modernization of the Administration of the President of Ukraine Maryna I. STAVNIYCHUK.

The Venice Commission proposes to establish a special work group for drafting the future constitution which would work out previous proposals.

The attention is paid to the need for proper implementation of the judicial reform. In addition, it is extremely important to strengthen a local government according to the European traditions and standards.