Viche 2011 9

9, 2011

State, National, People Sovereignty in Conditions of Globalization

As we reported in the previous issue of the magazine, the scientists had the discussion within the framework of scientific and methodological seminar organized with the Institute of State and Law of V.M. Koretskyi on the threats and challenges to the sovereignty of Ukraine in the context of globalization and the ways of preservation from their negative effects through the renewal of the Constitution. Currently we offer the readers to become acquainted with the positions presented and questions brought up and need to be solved. We believe that our readers will be interested in the discussiont. We invite scholars, politicians, civil and social activists, all who are concerned about the fate of the country and its sovereignty to participate in the conversation. The 20th anniversary of Ukraine's independence and 15 years of the Constitution, new constitutional process and the challenges of globalization are sufficient reasons for a frank conversation about the future.


Academician of the NAS of Ukraine,
Director of the State

and Law Institute of V.M. Koretskyi

of the NAS of Ukraine:

Proposals to abandon from the sovereignty are equivalent to the refusal from the territorial integrity of the country and right to be a master in somebodys own house. The acting Constitution of Ukraine bases on these postulates, I would say, doctrines. It doesnt contain any definition of the concept of the state sovereignty opposed to the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine. But the Constitution refers to fundamental principles and basic attributes of the state sovereignty. The fact is that Ukraine is a sovereign and independent state, its sovereignty extends to the whole territory. The people are bearers of sovereignty, they are the only source of power in Ukraine. This is a classic formula.


First President of Ukraine:

Our task is to involve the widest political and social circles, and oppositional organizations into the constitutional process, so that all could work and feel their involvement in the legislative process. During this time people went away from the power, and the power went far forward, sometimes without seeing the people. It is true. As people say: The leader of a high rate. Everybody hides. Who put him there? People. And he suddenly doesnt see these people. Because such laws and this Constitution allow the leader to advance that far.


Deputy of Ukraine, Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:

In relation to the state sovereignty, when there is a general tendency of limiting the national sovereignty, when supranational bodies increasingly affect the policy of nation-states, when international organizations intervene in the implementation of domestic policy, then all these somehow affect us. And in this sense there is a challenge. Lets say that states which already have competitive advantages try to record their preferences under the slogan trade on equal terms. Similarly the WTO has unequal conditions for all its members. There are advantages and protection of domestic markets for some countries, and there is an absolute failure for others. And it is also a challenge.