Журнал Viche 2011 №8

№8, 2011

To the Subject about Conceptual Approach in the Reformation of Administrative and Territorial Regime in Ukraine

The abovementioned subject has been partly investigated by R. Bezsmertnyi, A. Dotsenko, V. Kravchenko, I. Kresina, A. Kovalenko, V. Oluyko, S. Teleshun and others.
Due to the participation of research workers, the number of conceptions of administrative and territorial reforms (ATR) and improvement of the system of territorial organization of power in Ukraine have been worked out. In particular, these are the project of the conception of the local self-government reform, the Conception of the administrative and territorial regime (ATR) of Ukraine which determine the basic principles of ATS organization and the formation of the administrative and territorial establishments, their typology; the organization of public power on the proper levels; legislative provision and stages of carrying out the administrative and territorial reforms. At the same time the mentioned conceptions have not been realized so far. This gives evidence of their insufficient scientific background and does not give the possibility to remove the drawbacks from the ATR system of Ukraine.