Журнал Viche 2011 №8

№8, 2011

Constitutional Provision of Social Management

It is conventional that in the political history of humanity the constitution is a basic legal document which regulates social relations. Its place in the self-organization of the society is determined by the fact that it absorbs higher interests of people, and even in those societies which have socially conflict sources of development. Moreover, exactly in such societies the role of the constitution increases as its mission is to be the basic means of legal settlement of conflicts. In the events known in the political history of humanity (so-called constitutional motions) the constitution was used as an instrument of overcoming the crisis phenomena, without regard to the thing that in all democratic political systems of the present time the state power is divided into legislative, executive and judicial ones. Exactly, the executive power is provided with the function of management, organization of power; and in relation to the constitution it performs the function of realization of its articles.