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Viche 2011 №7

№7, 2011

“It is High Time to Show the Ukrainian Character, to Prove Ourselves and All the World that Ukraine is a Leader-Country”

Annual Message of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to the Verkhovna Rada as for the external and internal situation in Ukraine in 2011

Dear Compatriots!


Distinguished National Deputies of Ukraine!


Pursuant to the Constitution of Ukraine, today I have the honour to present the regular Message of the President to the Verkhovna Rada “On the external and internal situation in Ukraine in 2011” in which the main economic, social and political results of the last 2010 year are presented.


But the Message is not only a report on the state of affairs in Ukraine. Above all things, it is the reason for a serious talk about the day-to-day problems and prospect of state development.