Viche 2011 7

7, 2011

Oligarchy and Corruption

It happened so that just after the acquaintance with the fundamental work on corruption in Ukraine, one of the authors of which is M. Mykhalchenko (Mykhalchenko M., Mykhalchenko O., Nevmerzhytskyi E. Corruption in Ukraine: political and philosophical analysis. - K., 2010), I read his article in Viche 1 of 2011 named Political System in Ukraine: What do we Modernize?. Both problems mentioned in the article and the book - oligarchy and corruption are closely interrelated, that is why I connected them in my notes.

The merit of M. Mykhalchenko is that he makes a correct diagnosis for our political system and defines its essence as the oligarchy. He focuses on the main stages of its formation and shows its pseudo democratic character. Oligarchy promotes the social destructuring of society, puts its significant part beyond the limit of survival by forming the layer of marginals and parasitic groups that work directly in favour of oligarchs.

Anatoliy LUZAN