Viche 2011 7

7, 2011

Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Yuriy Aleksyeyev: First of all you Should Invest in this Industry to Make a Profit Later on

Preserving of scientific, technical and production potential and participation in the international cooperation can be considered to be the main achievement of the space industry for almost 20 years of independence. But today there is a paradoxical situation - on the one hand, we talk about progress in the space activities and this is recognized by the country leadership and the leading space countries in the World, and, on the other hand, we face the fact of insufficient funding in one of the priority branches which is a pride of any country in the world.

Ukraine may represent itself to the global community as a country that is capable of creating the world-class technology. This is evidenced by its space activities and participation in the major international projects. Ukraine is becoming more successful and more active.