Viche 2011 7

7, 2011

Wish to Preserve Land for Descendants is Patriotism

The National museum Chornobyl which is in the capital Podil is 19 years old this year. On the whole, over million people from 92 countries have been in this the most often visited museum in Kyiv. In opposition to the statement of skeptics about the future indifference of the society to the Chornobyl theme, the interest to the exhibition does not reduce. There is nothing strange in it because the degree of spectators attention is supported foremost by wise conception of usage of exhibition space. And expedient correlation in the presentation of material of factual, philosophical, aesthetical and technical constituents predetermines the inevitable purification of the souls of adult and little visitors. Age range of visitors varies from 6 to 90 years old. Everyone who had catharsis here leaves this place as the other person. Usually he wants to return there, to walk along the symbolic Chornobyl road where the apple-tree torn up with roots is left. The fruit of the tortured tree scattered all around turn us to the thoughts about incurable pain of earth.
On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the most anthropogenic radio ecological catastrophe we are having the conversation with Anna KOROLEVSKA, deputy director general of the museum on scientific study, honoured worker of culture of Ukraine.