Журнал Viche 2011 №6

№6, 2011

World Financial Crisis and Ways of its Overcoming

Present world financial crisis which has reached Ukraine testifies that serious miscalculations had been made in present financial and money policy; therefore it does not meet the requirements of life. Crisis is the payment for mistakes. The world losses from it make 5 trillion dollars. This makes 160 budgets of Ukraine. The world economy is in the state of tense instability which risks undergoing the biggest crash from the times of large depression.
As it is known the crisis began in 2007 in the USA and spread in the whole world. It is connected above all things with the dollar which, having become the world key currency, did not manage to deal with this new function. Exactly the unsatisfactory functioning of the world money-currency mechanism built on a dollar as a key currency has a direct attitude toward the origin of world crisis.

Mykhaylo SHVAYKA, Anna PELYO