Viche 2011 5

5, 2011

Quality Instead of Quantity

Quality, responsibility, European integration and competitiveness are to be in the background of reform of higher education

Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on questions of education and sciences on February, 16 conducted the open discussion of two bills On higher education 7486-1 and 7486, which were registered in the Verkhovna Rada in December, 2010.

Majority of participants of the collection agreed that bill 7486-1 does not settle main issue of Ukrainian high school. After rhetoric about the move to European education the all possible has been done in order to store the present system which satisfies the majority of main participants who are the representatives of rather political than educational sphere. And the project of law On higher education of Y. Miroshnychenko is more democratic and deserves attention. It meets the actual and perspective requirements of higher education of Ukraine. However, it has to be improved as well, taking into account the question of expansion of autonomy of higher educational establishments, terms of reception on studies to the universities and introduction of the doctoral programs of the European standard. However, on the whole none of documents meets the necessity of effective reformation of high school. In particular, their drawbacks, which concern the questions of integration to the European educational space, university autonomy, academic freedom and quality of education, are to be removed. The present participants came to the conclusion that a new high-quality document, which will take into account not only the positive aspects of both bills but also remarks of teachers and students, and will become a push for new high-quality changes, has to be created.