Журнал Viche 2011 №5

№5, 2011

He Came out on His Top with Honour...

The Head of Chernivetska regional council Vasyl Ananiyovych Vatamanyuk has not occupied this post even for one hundred days. However, he has forever left his name in the history of Bukovyna region due to the fruitful and tireless work. Countrymen will remember him as a professional of building industry, talented businessman who was able to work for common good, known patron of art and benefactor.
Day prior to death Vasyl Ananiyovych told about his plans to the periodical “Viche”. He was especially thought over all his utterances and opinions. When the person is 64 years old his moral persuasions which contribute to the spiritual and material enrichment of the person are rarely changed. After Vasyl Ananiyovych had passed to the eternity, the editorial staff of periodical decided to publish his last interview.