Журнал Viche 2011 №5

№5, 2011

Head of Khmelnytskyi Region Council Mykola DERYKOT: “Every Business has to be Done Together.”

Before the deputies of all levels of present cadency there is an uneasy task – to carry out the reforms proposed in the country. Are national deputies ready for it? And to what extent do the changes proposed meet the requirements of time? About these and other endeavors is the talk of our correspondent with the head of Khmelnytskyi region council Mykola DERYKOT.

After having been elected the head of region council it was necessary to go deep in all delicacies and features of this original kitchen. Previous life experience helped. I used to work at production and to do business. And during several last years I occupied the position of deputy head of region state administration: business approach to the settlement of some issues was victorious over emotions.