Viche 2011 5

5, 2011

Not to Retreat Before Difficulties

Habitants of Knyazhychi, which is in Kyiv region, know the head of local self-governing society as a person whose word corresponds to what is done. And no matter what envious people would say, the village headed by Olga KASYAN is becoming the flowering oasis in front of our very eyes. Presently not only a district but also capital region is proud of her. Olga Ivanivna has become for her fellow-villagers the real embodiment of thesis, which always seemed to be somewhat fantastic, - power for people.
It takes about half an hour to get from the capital to Knyazhychi by car. A wide covered with asphalt road leads to the village, and already at entrance the gilded domes of sight of architecture Saint-Preobrazhensky churches are well seen. Exactly there the head of village met us by the official car.