Viche 2011 3

3, 2011

Ruthenians and language

Since ancient times in south-western slopes of the Carpathian Mountains times Rusyns live. Last year in Viche journal I spoke about the Slavic ethnic and national unity (see: Ivan Myhovych. Rusyns in Ukraine: Status, problems and prospects / / Viche, 2009, 4, pg. 50-54). Their representatives still exist today in dozens of countries. Their number is about 2
million people. Current homeland and land of heirs of White Croatians - Ukrainian Carpathians. Rusyns consider themselves to be masters but not the minority on the primordial earth under the Carpathian Mountains, in the Tysa valley. Previous nobles were unwilling to recognize them to be indigenous peoples so that should give them a different status - in the legislation of Ukraine there is a term a national group.

Ivan Myhovych