Viche 2006 12

12, 2006

From theological talk of monks to national assemblage

June, 14 1871

The prominent designer of soviet shooting weapon Fedir Vasylovych Tokaryev was born. A Cossack by origin, he had a centenary life full of events and achievements. In 1940 he became the doctor of engineering sciences and the Hero of Socialist Labour because of the creation of the new models of shooting weapon. In 1925 he invented the hand machine-gun , in 1930 the self-loading pistol (the symbol of the soviet politruk, it was very popular among those, who was expected to have a personal weapon), in 1938 the SRT rifle (self-loading rifle of Tokaryev, or the soviet warriors called it blandly Svyeta).

Parliament is the expression of representative democracy, it is a national representative organ of power that fulfils its activity on a permanent basis and the title function of it is lawmaking.