Viche 2011 3

3, 2011

Quite Helpless Without Secretariat

The commission has been created in accordance with the Law On Privatization of Property of State Enterprises, and it controls adherence to the legislation in this sphere, examines the concrete cases of doubtful assignment of state assets. The decision is made by voting of members of the commission which consists of 37 members of the parliament (the head is Yevgen Marmazov), instead of 15 national deputies stipulated by the decision of the Verkhovna Rada. However, at first the issue is studied to perfection at the secretariat of the commission, while the queries to the competent state organs are being given, verifications and investigations are being initiated.

In order to prepare the project of decision, we have to examine in detail the folder of documents, to solve the tangle of legal stratagem. For real, we are not provided with plenary powers to carry out investigatory actions, Leonid SUKNENKO, the manager of the secretariat of the Special Control Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the questions of privatization marks.

One of directions of activity of the commission is control after legality of realization of the Government program of privatization. If to take into account that in 2011 it is offered to bring 162 enterprises in it, it becomes clear what volume of work lies down on each of 10 workers of the secretariat. However, during preparation of questions for consideration working groups from the representatives of ministries, other state and public organizations and scientific establishments can be created.