Viche 2011 3

3, 2011

Generalization of Efficiency of Application of Legislation on the Lease of State and Public Property

The committee on the questions of economic policy in order of parliamentary control constantly analyses the practical results of application of the Law of Ukraine On the lease of state and public property by state organs and organs of local self-government, their public servants, and also the number of the related to it laws and sublegislative normative and legal acts.

Information provided by the organs of local self-government testifies that the planned tasks in relation to the receipts of payment for the lease of public property were annually executed. But it is unknown in which way these indexes were calculated, in fact in most given materials the information about the cost of the property which is rent out is absent, the pay for the lease of which cannot exceed ten percent of annual from the cost of the leased property. The increase of rent payment was conducted by means of its correction for the proper month with the account of inflation rate and due to the changes of cost of the leased property.  

However the changes of norms which were offered by the laws on the State Budget influenced negatively on the receipt of such payments. 

The well-timed proper registration of right of public ownership is somewhat problematic in regions. It is testified by the given information from the most regions of Ukraine: the organs of local self-government did not adhere to notarial registration of rent agreements because a title document on community property of lessor is required for this purpose.