Журнал Viche 2011 №3

№3, 2011

Land, Who do you Belong to?

Local societies are indignant at the bill of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Supplies pursuant to which state administrations instead of organs of self-government will manage lands within the limits of settlements. This paradox is planned to be fastened in the Land Code of Ukraine already in the near future.

President of the AUC, Dnipropetrovsk city chairman Ivan KULICHENKO: 

We are for that the lands were immediately delimited on public and state, and order of their usage is to be set till May of current year, as it was foreseen.


The vice-president of the AUC on the questions of social policy, Mykolayiv City Chairman Volodymyr CHAYKA: 

– The bill, which is being discussed, deprives the organs of local self-government of the right on the territory. Land and public property is the basis of independence of territorial societies. It is written in the European charter of local self-government, which Ukraine ratified without any warnings. Therefore we will by main strength protect self-government and we will try to make local councils have an influence on the land policy, as it has been so far.


The vice-president of the AUC on executive work Myroslav PITTSYK:

– We hope the Ministry of Justice will give a negative conclusion in relation to the project of law on delegation of powers on land management from local councils to the administrations. The Constitution of Ukraine and European charter of local self-government are to triumph.