Журнал Viche 2011 №3

№3, 2011

«Step by step we change the situation in the country for the better. There is no other way"- Says the head of the Odessa Regional Council Mykola PUNDYK

Odessa - the biggest region in Ukraine, its area (over 33 thousand square kilometers) is almost the same as the territory of modern Moldova and Prydnistrovie region combined. At the same time Odessa region - is a quite economically developed region with a great potential.
Our own correspondent Evgen Tischuk leads a conversation with the head of the Odessa Regional Council on regional development priorities and plans for the future of Mykola Pundyk.

- In the Regional Council are now 132 members. 87 out of them- the Party of Regions, 12 - National Party, 7 - Front for Change, "a strong Ukraine" and "homeland", 5 - SPU 4 - CPU and 3 - "Fatherland" (local party. - Author. ). The main thing that unites all - a sincere desire to assist in solving regional problems. Although the deputies submitted by many parties, we jointly solve burning issues of concern to residents of Odesa: budget, roads, medicine, education, ecology.