Viche 2006 12

12, 2006

In searching of fundamentals

10-year jubilee of the Lviv laboratory of human rights

In the summer of 1996 the Presidium of the Academy of legal sciences of Ukraine made the decision about creation on the territory of the western Ukraine the first scientific subdivision the Lviv laboratory of human rights.

The following monographs prepared by the research officers of the laboratory belong to the most known issues of Works: Human and citizen rights in the Constitution of Ukraine (before the interpretation of the outgoing constitutional regulations), Realization of human rights: the problems of restriction, European convention about human rights: the problems of national implantation (general theoretic aspects), Peculiarities of interpretation of legal norms concerning human rights, Human rights in a naturally-legal opinion of catholic church (according to the materials of social doctrine of Catholicism), The urgent questions of general theory of human rights, The social state and the human rights of another generation. These publications were met with approval by public reviews and by other editions.