Viche 2011 3

3, 2011

Available Habitation - Myth or Reality?

Sevastopol has adopted the regional program of building of accessible habitation for 2193 families of the city during the period from 2010 till 2017.

As in every housing succession there are citizens who have out-of-turn or top-priority right on habitation, it has been decided that from all habitation at every object 20% is given to out-of-turn and 20% - to top-priority. The rest in accordance with a general succession. It is clear that it will be possible to get an apartment, only taking out a loan. But how it can be understood - why even in this case for the money earned by the sweat of ones brow you get not to out-of-turn and top-priority ones, but only  to other? 

Region of ARC and Sevastopol city have their own complications and their special terms. Last year the Sevastopol enterprises fulfilled building works in the amount of 279.3 million hryvnyas, which is by 14.4% less than in 2009, as the city management of statistics reported. Dry figures after which there are unrealizable hopes. Time will show to which extent the program of accessible habitation in Sevastopol will be effective. It is very desirable that it finally worked on those who for years on end stand in line on the receipt of habitation. 

From the editorial staff 

When this issue was imposing, our expert on the questions of building - the director general of Sevastopol private enterprise Koryfei Mykhaylo Kolesnikov according to the decision made by the scientific committee of Assembly of business communities of Ukraine has become the complete knight of high international reward order of Queen Anna. 

We congratulate you sincerely!