Журнал Viche 2011 №3

№3, 2011

We have to Value Water Resources

Trubizkyi Inter-District Water Transport Division, which is in Kiev region, is a unique enterprise according to many parameters. It was founded more than half a century ago, it has passed a not simple way of becoming, reorganizations, but, as well as at the soviet time, it remains the leader in the industry. And these are not just words. In 2009 the collective of water-transport workers of capital region were rewarded with the Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers, they have been in the list of the first five best enterprises of Ukraine for several years in succession. Hereof is the considerable merit of director of enterprise Yuriy Petrovych Stasyuk. He is a volitional and purposeful person; he managed not only to keep the economy in the state property but also to make it not loss-making, to put right the stable functioning. And for this purpose, agree, extraordinary organizational abilities, faith in own forces, real masculine character are required.
The conversation with Yuriy STASYUK was exactly about everyday being of the enterprise and the ways of its further development.