Viche 2011 3

3, 2011

Why do Original Architectural Oases - Lviv Patios Disappear?

Lviv is the city of high European potential and unique due to the architectural sights and history today, more than ever, it needs protection. It is with increasing frequency used for own enrichment, and its name is manipulated by politicians and social climbers. Lviv is open for everybody such slogan was made by the present power. And it is true. Implication of slogan is who will give more! And what can be given to the city by those who come with a mercenary purpose? If Lviv citizens knew what to expect from conquerors Turks, Tatars, Swedes and what valuables, gold and silver were needed to buy off, as far as the open war took place then, presently mercenary people act under the mask of patriotism and piety, full of spiritual cynicism, destroy unique architect and historical riches and beauty of Lviv.
Together with our consultant associate professor of restoration and reconstruction department of the architectural complexes of the National University Lviv Polytechnic Yuriy Dubyk we will visit Lviv patios located in the central historical part of city.