Журнал Viche 2011 №3

№3, 2011

“Free and happily as Egypt ...”

According to the present day domestic tourist visits to Egypt several visiting of Lesya Ukrainka to the country of pyramids now almost everyone relates to their own experience of desert trips.
Sand waves, graphics dried rivers, settlements set patterns roofs, deep green-blue with blotches of coral islands - the usual pattern for our tourists that fly over Egypt. Obviously, celebrity writer not seen these scenes from the sky. On the verge of one or two decades of the twentieth century people reached to Egypt by steamers. The purpose of travel was primarily her treatment: doctors advised local special climate - hot and dry. Of course, contrasts afar inspired poetess on creativity. Moreover, Orientals captivated Larysa P. Kosach since her youth.

- She then wrote in a letter to home that she travels not as a tourist but as a patient, - says Oksana KONSTANTYNIVSKA, Senior Fellow Metropolitan Museum of prominent figures of Ukrainian culture Ukrainian Lesya, Mykola Lysenko, Panas Saksahanskiy Michael Staritskiy. - In Egypt, Lesya was three times. Inexpensive ships sailed there from Georgia where she spent the last period of her life. For the first time she visited Egypt in 1909, there she spent winter. That time arrived in the town near Cairo Heluan with her husband Clement Kvitka. Then he left and she stayed.