Журнал Viche 2011 №1

№1, 2011

Thank you, year of gospel!

Welcomes you, 2011 - the year when, perhaps, finally turn away of infinite
Post-crisis barricade unnecessary promises rulers’ total suffocating pessimism!
And come night light dominion over all earthly truths, false, evil, and cynical.
How do you want to believe it was on the verge of Ukrainian gospel - Peresopnytsia Gospel!

Once it comes to anniversary date, as activated unwritten law hits round numbers. 

 The first and main figure: the Ukrainian Parliament and President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych-
 HIV declared 2011 the year of Ukrainian gospel, decided in August to mark the national level 450 years Peresopnytsia Gospel.  With the support of President Leonid Kuchma's fund "Ukraine", NGO "West Gate", and International Charity Fund "Ukrainian Family" Rivne Regional State Administration together with the publishing house "ADEF-Ukraine has developed a set of measures after the event. 

 In their high decisions after the end of the manuscript in the village Peresopnytsya (Rivne region of the same area): August 29, 1561.  But to write an outstanding Ukrainian book began August 15, 1556 th.  That is also celebrating and "starter" anniversary of the famous gospel: 450 years. 

 Next Match: 20 th anniversary since the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk promised to gospel during the inauguration.  This tradition for heads of state since confirmed. 

 The best thing about the historical significance of her book said researcher Peter KRALIUK: Peresopnitske Gospel is a symbol of Ukraine.  It is not only because it is one of the first sacred texts, translated into Ukrainian.  Its founder was from Polesie, it was written in Volhynia, chief clerk of the native speaking Lemkivshchyna - westernmost Ukrainian land.  This book traveled from west to east, being in. 

 Undoubtedly, Peresopnitske Gospel endowed unifying mission.  The book knits together the spiritual ties of people of different ethnic, geographic, political, professional affiliation.  2008 academics, religious figures, the publishers got together for a common good cause: to create a facsimile edition pershoknyhy.  Barely three years, as has work on boiling Peresopnytsia new version of the Gospel.  This is such a wonderful gift for the August festivities! 

 There is a need to mention another match of round numbers.  On the eve of New Year's progressive world celebrated the 500 th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Fedorov.  The link between the anniversary fete Printing pioneer and Peresopnytsia Gospel very obvious.  Around the same years when born pershoknyha, Ivan Fedorov made a true revolution, moving the plane of the cult book manuscript in a press plane. 

 And another round date.  Th 1581, that 430 years ago, pioneer produced the Bible in jail - one of his most famous offspring.  And 1971 - respectively, 40 years ago - in Lviv dismantled bricks Svyatoonufriyivskoho monastery walls of the monastery and found the remains of Ivan Fyodorov and his son, who mysteriously left this world for three years after the death of a famous father. 

 So the first issue of this year "Viche" congradulate gospel and talk about the book at all.