Журнал Viche 2011 №1

№1, 2011

A hand on the Gospel permeates Peresopnitske heat!

They say when Peresopnytske four gospels swear the first time President Leonid Kuchma, it opened to the Gospel of Luke, because of the recognized patron saint of science.  A second Kuchma opened the teachings of Jesus Christ ...  That's just in the Gospel of Luke and in Matthew contains legal provisions on the construction of churches and relationships in it, making the church marriage rights trial of sinners and the Christian attitude to the government.  Pohodmosya, current leader of the state for prescriptions, which he laid his hand on the Gospel, must be respected, there were also remain valuable references for humanity.
 Leonid Kravchuk, the first time and vowed to closed Peresopnytske Gospel in 1991.  And still our president swore on the Constitution of Ukraine and Peresopnytske Gospel, no longer laying his hand on an open book of the Divine.  Viktor Yushchenko - only to be set.  But Viktor Yanukovych held a hand on the Holy Scriptures.  And rightly so, is it really an expression of reverence to the priceless ancient manuscripts.  For example, scientists, researchers working with the rarity in special white gloves to touch sometimes sweaty hands will not destroy the writing, pictures. 

 However, everything in order.  Photograph rarity for you ensure its careful storage, excellent condition, we were able to help chief of department, PhD, senior research fellow of the Institute of Manuscripts Vernadsky Olga Stepchenko (in photo above). 

 Symbolically, at the Andrew Hall in the library where you can see on the walls of Chinese characters plaques with wishes of longevity and happiness, and in the display under glass - Kiev hlaholychni leaves IX-X century and other curiosities, we happened to open three holy books - the original Peresopnytsia Gospel, his scientific publications, over which the researcher worked as a known candidate of philology, senior fellow at the Institute of Ukrainian Inna P. Chepiga and Peresopnytsia facsimile edition of the Gospel, which was published on the occasion of 1020 th anniversary of Baptism of Rus. 

  - That Box - says Olga - which remains a rarity - and opens up her keys.  - You realize that rightly worry about, preparing for this moment, feel it, not even touching the book. 

 I questioned whether to hold the hand over Peresopnytsya, and felt that it radiates energy and warmth.  Transmogrification feeling!  And the first thing we saw when Olga opened the chest, it ...  white gloves, and below them on the cover of Gospel shyrochenkoho end leather dark emerald Building His Castle.  Gloves, Olga, of course, put on her, and with Easter Peresopnytsya seized the book weighing 300 grams 9 pounds, out of the chest.  Its setting - oak boards covered with green velvet and ribbed flyleaf indicates that their manufacturers obviously took care of that manuscript was convenient to use. 

 - Cover this is the second or third consecutive - says Olga.  - Original, as expected, was decorated with precious stones.  However, the library of Lavra Peresopnytsya got here in this frame. 

 - It is written and figures, 15 512.  What do they mean? 

 - This is our code Peresopnytsya its inventory number from 1948.  It was then chief of funds at the request of Kiev-Pechersk State Historical and Cultural Reserve Kolpakov set name unknown manuscript of his head examined the handwriting of the museum, a renowned scientist Sergei Maslov.  He recognized Peresopnitske Gospel, which saw in 1940 in the library of the Poltava Regional Museum. 

 Into scientific Peresopnitske Gospel brought Ukrainian scientist Osip Bodyanskiy, Pereiaslav graduate seminary in the library and it is stored.  And it Bodyanskiy Peresopnitske called him at his place of writing.  Although it could be called and Dvirtsivskym for written and Dvirtsi in the village, and could be called and whether Zheslavskym Zaslavsky for Volyn princes Anastasiya Zaslavsky (Zaslavsky-Dubrovyts'kyy), her son-John F. Czartoryski and daughter Anna K. Chartoryysk-Zaslavsky gave funds to establish manuscript and translation, processing of the Scriptures.  In it, namely his living Ukrainian language of his time and drew the attention of a member of the Archaeological Commission of Taras Shevchenko. 

 Peresopnytsya same fate, history of travel easy.  After writing it in 1561 while the Gospel was kept in the local monasteries: in 1630 it was still there, this is an entry.  And when the monastery was destroyed, the book should be lost.  And only in 1701 when Ivan Mazepa gave Peresopnitske Pereiaslav Gospel Cathedral, which is a record in the same Gospel, vidnayshlosya.  Later this church was moved to Poltava, of course, and moved there Peresopnytsya.  And there she stayed until the war.  Again it should be lost.  But it turned out that the Gospel was kept in a local museum, which, incidentally, the Nazis burned completely.  And so for some time believed that ancient manuscript Lost forever.  But he ended up in Ufa, where evacuated museum exhibits.  When there opened a box of porcelain found in it and Peresopnitske Gospel. 

 Groundskeeper Markiyan Braila Museum before coming the Germans delivered the exhibits and, perhaps, knowing that the museum has an invaluable wealth rarity in a box made from porcelain.  So he poryatuvav Scripture.  From Ufa and handed it to the Lavra.  This is not the first time returning to their home Peresopnytsya Penates. 

 Even when the Gospel was Peresopnitske Pereiaslav Cathedral, Minister narosvity Count Tolstoy, as travel in Ukraine saw him and then spoke about the valuable manuscript prosecutor Holy Synod Prince Oldenburzkomu.  He is very interested in the Gospel and received a gift from his bishop Pereyaslavsky cathedral.  During 8 years of Scripture was in Russia in St. Petersburg, but when Prince Oldenburzkyy died, his wife, is God's providence, returned Peresopnitske Gospel in Ukraine, in Poltava. 

 Olga, telling this fascinating story, carefully browses the manuscript.  Incredible pictures in it, made in gold leaf, strike perfection, with their vibrant color floral ornament.  They have a fresh look so that you understand reverence with which people have enjoyed for 450 years this manuscript.  Created on parchment, in fact, different thickness, a rarity perfectly preserved.  Pages with images translated special paper designed to stabilize the material basis of the manuscript.  Although it is abrasion, which turns pages, and some even slightly damaged, it generally can not be considered at least some damage.  Well, not dotochysh same corner of the page!  By the way, page - 964, sheets - 482. 

  - The only thing to do, it pereshyty blocks.  They already resew when setting changed - says Olga.  - When storing the manuscripts in storage, in safe, we maintain the required temperature-humidity regime systematically invite experts for the examination of the actual physical condition of the manuscript.  They have dry mechanical cleaning it from dust.  About how carefully preserved and cared for rarity, evidence act, which we demonstrated Olga. 

 - I wanted to show you how to type that writers, and they recorded after the completion date, the whole history of gospel resonates with the Ukrainian national stitch black and red threads.  While writing this Scripture Ukraine was under Polish rule, there was a ban on the Ukrainian language.  However, the authors used census translation and Ukrainian purely literary words.  Outstanding Researcher, Inna P. Chepiga, which in 1920 devoted to studying Peresopnytsia Gospel, created the Ukrainian dictionary, which contained in scientific publications Peresopnytsia Gospel under the auspices of the Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and of our National Library of Vernadsky.  Issuing up to 10 years of independence of Ukraine.  Circulation was then 500 copies, here's the book.  And next year will reprint, enlarged. 

 Finally Olga opened our third book of the Holy Scriptures - a facsimile edition, which went into circulation one thousand copies on the occasion of the 1020 anniversary of Christianization of Rus with the blessing of Metropolitan Volodymyr.  This book is made of thick paper and contains all the features just made copy.  Its leather cover adorned with silver miniatures.  Whether from her warm?  You can check by visiting the National Library.  However, the original Gospel Peresopnytsia available to appropriate researchers.  Although, of course, the library staff worried when returning a rarity in the room.  And even more - when leaving the sanctuary of Ukrainian Library Store protected and armored vehicles traveling at the Cave Hills ...  But her sacred mission is worth, presumably, such a risk.  Index - State and people for the good!  On the good news!