Viche 2011 1

1, 2011

Western Gates - Crossing of Possibilities

The Verkhovna Rada declared the year 2011 to be a year of Ukrainian first book and made decision at the state level to celebrate the 450-th anniversary of Persopnytsia Gospel.
Working group on the preparation to the celebration of anniversary of Persopnytsia Gospel represented the project of the creation of the cultural and touristic center Peresopnytsia to the President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych. The process of foundation of the center, which purpose is the propaganda of artistic and cultural values of Ukrainian nation and its state system, will consist of several stages. The vice-chairman of Rivne Region Administration Oleksiy GUBANOV told Viche about basic directions of development and task of the project Peresopnytsia:

In order to pay attention of the international association it is proposed to make two books. The idea for one of them is the following: every Ukrainian, wherever he lives, will write several lines of linguistic edition of Peresopnytsia Gospel. Ukrainian Diaspora will support us herein, I had a conversation with the secretary general of the World Congress of Ukrainians Stephan Romaniv. They decided to help to carry out this task. At the end of the book the last names of those who were engaged to writing will be mentioned. Consequently, there will be another handwritten edition of Gospel. The book will begin to sound newly, having kept handwritten tradition. This newly created book will remain in Peresopnytsia as a memento and will become a unifying factor for all Ukrainians.

One more book which we are going to issue is the translation of Peresopnytsia Gospel to the modern languages of Slavonic people: Russian, Byelorussian, Serbian and Bulgarian, and also Ukrainian. Officials of these states will arrive to the celebration of the 450-th anniversary of Peresopnytsia Gospel.

The second part of the Peresopnytsia is directed on the revival of the Peresopnytsia village which presently has 40 farms and one old wooden church. In fact, Peresopnytsia in the past was the known princely city for domination above which Ruski princes waged intestine wars. Here the sons of Yuriy Dolgorykyi Glib, Mstyslav and Andriy Bogolyubskyi reigned. And at the end of the ղ century Peresopnytsia became the capital of Pogorny.