Журнал Viche 2011 №1

№1, 2011

New Life of Old Peresopnytsia

In Rivne at the railway station local taxi-drivers did not know where Peresopnytsia village is, and only after they took the map, they answered: 34 kilometers from the regional center. And also from the main road to the village there are 10 kilometers of the earth-road covered with snow. Nobody of taxi-drivers expressed the desire to drive to Peresopnytsia. We had to appeal to the vice-chairman of Rivne Region Administration Oleksiy Volodymyrovych Gubanov who quickly organized a car and sympathetically noticed that the winter is unsuccessful time for the trip to Peresopnytsia, although it is extraordinarily picturesque, especially in summer.
– But if you arrive to us in August, 2011, when we will celebrate the 450 –th anniversary of Peresopnytsia Gospel and we will put the project of tourist area into life, you will notice how the village will change to the best, – the young chairman said and wished a successful trip.